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Our Services

We will offer you an unique insight into Portugal along with a deeper understanding of how Food and Wine are such an intrinsic part of our traditions, history, architecture and culture.

Our History

Founded in 2018, we offer Food and Wine walking tours, hands-on cooking courses, private wine tours, culinary adventures, picnics in a stunning places and much more!

All our Tours includes tasting Food and Wine at some point.
Focused on the small groups – maximum 8 people, and including private and taylored tours.

What is a Food and Wine tour?

Our Food and Wine tours are events where a guide introduces you the area (location, history, architecture and culture), often taking place within one particular neighborhood, and often on foot.

Throughout the event, groups stop to enjoy our Food and Wine and taste several delicacies and specialities tapas at each traditional places (from cafes or tascas), depending on the type of tour. Specified drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, may be included in the event.